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  1. Hey Red Menace!!

    It feels so obvious, but I’d love to get your take/recommendations/advice on stocking a home bar. I’m so jealous of your amazing collection! We have a sad shelf with a bottle of Jameson, some Maker’s Mark, and Bailey’s. There’s a bottle of Stoli in the freezer and fresh citrus in the fridge, but it’s not a complete setup for a pair of cocktailheads! (I don’t like rum and the boy doesn’t like gin, so those are semi-intentional, but unpleasant, gaps. Maybe a series on “liquor therapy” should follow veggie therapy… !)

    • theredmenaceeats

      Hmmm…I like the idea of a post/series of posts on stocking a bar. While it sounds like each of you doesn’t like one thing, it seems funny to not have it for the other to use, or guests. I’ve read enough to do a pretty basic run-down on must haves – I like it!

  2. My name is Dan Crothers. I am a chef/entrepreneur from Boston building a website/app that connects people to professional chefs through instant messaging. Users can ask questions to a chef and receive instant feedback. Chefs benefit by getting their name out, promoting their restaurant/business, blog, or can offer their services to users through a hire me feature within ClutchCook. 

    The key is instant, quality advice from professionals. All chefs need to do is log on with their phones and then can go about their day. When a user asks a question, the chef receive a push notification and then can answer the question. For beta and v1 the chefs will need an iPhone. Once signed up, it’s up to the chef to decide how often or long they want to be logged in. The more they’re on, the more they’re featured and can promote themselves. 

    We’re extremely passionate about educating people about food and cooking. We are releasing the beta at the end of February and now have an email invite list on our website.

    The reason I’m contacting you is for two reasons. First, to ask if you would like to be apart of ClutchCook by giving advice and promoting your blog. Second, to ask if you could write a piece about ClutchCook either before the release date or when it’s available. There is no other service out there like ClutchCook and we believe we’re building something that will change the way people receive information about their cooking needs.

    Please respond at your convenience and I look forward to speaking with you!

    Dan Crothers
    CEO/Co-Founder, ClutchCook LLC

  3. Hi, I’m hoping you can help me by passing the word on about my hand roasted specialty coffee that are discounted below even a normal wholesale price, direct to consumers. Here’s the link to my special, 4 bags for only $14.99 Flat rate shipping is $5.25 I appreciate your consideration. Here is the link to the special. http://www.lowestpricecoffee.com/coffee-specials.aspx

    Best Regards,

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