Livered and Onions

Livered and onions is a phrase my dad made up to express irritation – a play on livid that has always amused me. However, actual liver and onions are far from irritating – I love them! Here’s why:

1. Liver is super good for you – it’s full of vitamins, minerals, and protein that can be hard to get from other sources. You do have to watch out for the cholesterol, but that’s true of meat, period.

2. It’s delicious. Liver is like beef that’s been turned up to 11. Of course, this is exactly why some people don’t like it. To them I say, more for me!

3. It is CHEAP. This is important because I buy my liver at the farmer’s market, where the meat products can, for all the right reasons, trend toward the expensive. They’re expensive because the animals are raised right – treated well, no creepy chemicals, humanely killed – but I still can’t usually afford a $15-$20 steak. Liver, however, is a mere $2-$3per lb – and one pound is MORE than enough liver for several days worth of meals.

After a recent trip to the farmer’s market I took advantage of all of these wonderful attributes and made a very fast, very tasty meal.

I took some asparagus:

and sauteed them with some green garlic:

In the meantime, I rinsed the liver, which was conveniently already sliced:
(The only problem with the preslicing was that I hadn’t realized it had been done – and liver is a bit…messy. The fridge looked like I’d been on a crime spree.)

While I patted the liver dry, I started the onions in a skillet:

Once they’d cooked down, I dredged the liver in a mix of flour, mustard powder, paprika and pepper and popped in the pan that had held the onions:

A few minutes per side was all it took! You definitely don’t want to overcook the liver – it goes from tender to leather pretty quickly.

Put the whole shebang over the asparagus and there you have it – dinner in half an hour!

Cheap, healthy, and local – what’s not to love?


5 responses to “Livered and Onions

  1. I don’t mind liver and wouldn’t mind trying it more often. Elise can’t stand it though, so I don’t mind avoiding it so as to keep her gag reflex in check.

  2. I tried! I really did! But I just couldn’t get down with beef liver. I do like chicken livers, pate and liverwurst though 🙂

  3. although i am not a liver fan, this post has convinced e to give it another try! also “tender to leather” is a grand phrase! and finally, i love the new look of the blog– streamlined and clean, yet fabulous to behold. (like you.) (i hope that wasn’t creepy.) (i’ll stop now.)

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