Quick Bites – First Taste

I just wanted to tell you about a few exciting (to me, anyway!) things that I’ve found related to food lately. I may do this from time to time as a way to share (and occasionally remind myself of stuff to check out.)

Item one – Momofuku’s Dave Chang and McSweeney’s have teamed up to create a quarterly magazine! Called Lucky Peach, each issue will focus on a theme – issue one is all about ramen. That said, coming from the folks it does this magazine is so much more – short stories, discourses on authenticity, and lots and lots of recipes. The Huffington Post has a preview here, and having read the first issue nearly cover to cover I can say that if you like food, pop culture and really good photography this magazine is worth a look. (Local friends – I have a subscription and am happy to share.)

Item two – Chew. This is one of my favorite comics, and I was originally going to write a whole review for you, but then I decided that no one but me would want to read that. So instead I’m just going to tell you to go read it, because it’s amazing. The premise involves government conspiracy theories, alien life forms, vampires, and a man who can taste the entire history of anything he eats – except beets. It’s been picked up by Showtime to be turned into a half-hour show, so I recommend getting ahead of the trend and reading it now, before it’s all sold out. If you’re in the Boston area, may I recommend Comicazi as a great place to pick it up?

Item three – Night Life at Children’s Wharf. Apparently, the Children’s Museum is catering to adults on select Wednesday nights this summer! While totally random, this is also awesome, mostly because I work right behind it. Convenience counts, kiddos. The next Wednesday, July 13th, is Tiki Night! I’m there – who’s joining me?

That’s it for this round-up – but keep an eye out for more happenings and cool stuff, and if you know of any – drop me a line!


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