Adventure List Review, and a Poll!

Waaaay back in August of 2009, I posted several ideas for adventures this blog could embark upon. Now, over a year later, many of these have been realized. Let’s take a look:

Grasshoppers – this one is actually happening in September!

Dragon Fruit – also soon, I bought one at Super 88

Durian – I’m scared, but fascinated

Sweet breads

More on this is coming soon!

Huitlacoche – might be able to do with the grasshoppers

Cactus – ditto


Sushi, possibly at Fugakyu? – I know, not very exciting, and I’ve eaten it lots of times, but I have a friend who is not a bold eater who wants to go.
We didn’t go to Fugakyu, and I didn’t write about it, but we did go! Would you want to see this written up?

Starlight Lounge – excited for this to open! Ditto that I don’t think I ever wrote about it, and I really need to go back, as it was so early in their history.

No. 9 Park – probably won’t happen for a while… This is still true, though I’ve been to Barbara Lynch’s Sportello several times!

Garden at the Cellar Apparently, I don’t tell you guys about anything I do...

Eastern Standard
See what I mean?


Ten Tables – Cambridge or JP, I haven’t been to either!

Kimballs – grew up near here, but want to take some friends who are uninitiated

The Big E – my favorite yearly food adventure!

Speed’s – the best hot dog in Boston, so they say…

Underground Food Party/Supper Club – may have a chance to go to one of these soon…


Pasta making – a friend gave me the means ages ago, I need to just DO it. And now I have my own. THIS WINTER, FRIENDS.

Sausage making

Curing bacon

Hard cheese – mozzarella, only the first step?


Beer – used to do it, want to get back into it

What do we learn from this list? First, we learn that I apparently keep a lot of things from you. Whoops. Second, we learn that I’m clearly better at eating food and going out than I am about projects, which is odd given how much I cook at home. Clearly I just prefer to tackle other, secret projects and tell you about those. Nonetheless, in slightly over a year I’ve completed quite a few of these adventures, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for another list!

When we went on the Scottish food outing, which I promise that I WILL tell you about and not at all keep secret, I asked the attendees to help me create a list of new adventures. What’s great about this new list is that it’s centered around group outings, which means fewer of those project-type goals that I failed to meet last year. Not that I’m abandoning those, but clearly I don’t need any NEW ones. In no particular order, here’s what we came up with:

Shabu-shabu – I’ve done this, but pre-blog
Tapas – ditto!
Russian – again, in my former life…
Vegan – there’s a swanky place near my house!
Laotian – if we can find a restaurant. This one might be tricky.
Potluck, in the style of church lady cookbooks, or 1950’s fare – I imagine the ladies will need to wear white gloves!
Book “Menu” recreation – Inspired by this blog, which recounts memorable descriptions of meals. This could be an entirely new category for the blog!

Speaking of which, here’s the poll – what features do you like seeing on the blog? Are there other features you’d like to see? Anything you wish I’d get rid of (though I retain the right to keep it anyway, if I like it!):

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. And check back soon for the write-up of our JP outing!


4 responses to “Adventure List Review, and a Poll!

  1. You have to try Oleana soon!

  2. What about The Haven for Haggis????!!!!!

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