Garden of Eatin’

Oh my goodness, you guys, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve filled you in on what’s going on in the garden!

I’m pleased to report that the wire “locks” that we installed on the bird netting worked like a charm – the squirrels are unable to wreak wanton destruction all over my precious babies. I did catch one sitting on the very top, looking puzzled and annoyed that he couldn’t get in to dig up random holes. It actually took a bit of doing to chase him away, so I suppose I have to give him points for persistence, if nothing else.

In other news I must confess to an egregious error – it is the large red tomatoes that refuse to hold on to blossoms, not the Lemon Boys. (Well, one of the Lemon Boys. The other continues to be a hopeless slacker.) Sadly, however, the producing Lemon Boy’s fruit has so far suffered from blossom end rot – a weird little disorder caused by, of all things, a calcium deficiency. The fruit just sort of caves in from the bottom. Since the soil in the tomato pots is brand new, the culprit in this case is probably erratic watering – apparently getting too dry, then too wet can mess with the plant’s calcium uptake. Which is odd, because I thought I’d been very consistent – clearly I will have to be more vigilant! My guess is that being in a container, it’s drying out more than the plant likes between waterings. Don’t know why the others are less fussy, but there you have it. The happy news is that a. Since it’s not bacterial/viral, it won’t spread and b. It usually affects the earliest fruit. So there’s hope for the old Lemon Boy yet!

The cherry tomatoes are starting to produce like a champ, though, which is very exciting! Now if only we could get Big Red in line, we’d be getting somewhere.

None of this, however, gets at the goofy title of this post, which is awesome news – we have now gotten green beans and entire salad out of the garden! Well, okay, to be fair not everything in the salad was from the garden, but the main ingredients – lettuce and tomatoes – were straight out of the ground! Unfortunately I neglected to take a photo of the green beans, but considering that we just ate them steamed, I sure you can picture it – they looked like…green beans. Still, it was exciting to have enough for a meal, especially after the plagues – these were from the only plants old enough to have survived the squirrels and the worms.

I did, however, photograph the salad, with the assistance of my able food stylist, Mr. Menace:

Isn’t that lovely? There is something enormously satisfying about making a full meal from things that you yourself grew – we got 2 side salads and one big salad for lunch the next day from that lettuce! And by picking the individual leaves, I already have another salad in the garden, waiting to be picked!

Are any of you gardening this summer? Let me know if you have any veggies you’re looking to trade!


3 responses to “Garden of Eatin’

  1. My tomatoes have end rot too! I also read it could have something to do with all the humidity.

  2. My tomatoes are ok for now, there just aren’t that many of them. I am more worried about my japanese eggplants. I have one twisty sad one, and no other blossoms!

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