Week 18 – Getting Down To the Wire!

Friends, there is now officially less than one month until the 114th Boston Marathon. That means many things:
1. There’s only one long run left before the taper. We’ll be running 21 miles next week along the course with Children’s Hospital.

2. There’s only a month left of fundraising. Yes, I’ve hit my original goal but I would LOVE to finish by raising $4,500 for Boston Partners in Education. Thanks to the generous donations of Aime Goldberg, Superfan, and Matt Baker this week, I’m only $287.60 short of doing just that! Visit my page if you’d like to help me reach it – or beyond!

3. Bib Numbers are out! I am officially runner 23019. If you’d like to follow my progress on race day, you can use that number to sign up for text alerts here! You’ll also be able to search for my number on the BAA’s site on marathon day, if you prefer.

4. Sign up for your mile! You may recall way back when that I mentioned that donors of $50 or more could have a mile in their honor. This will include an official list on this blog, plus appropriate commemoration at your chosen mile. My tee-shirt the day of will be covered by my dashing red singlet (picture to come, DON’T YOU WORRY) but I’m thinking of putting together a post-race shirt that has everyone’s name and mile on it. Feel free to sign up in the comments or email me at frightfullyclever*at*gmail*dot*com!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for the continued support. I know I write it nearly every week, but you all deserve it. One of the biggest thrills of this marathon has been how overwhelmingly wonderful all of my family and friends has been!


5 responses to “Week 18 – Getting Down To the Wire!

  1. oh oh oh! can the bp and i have mile 6, if it is not already taken?

  2. I’d like to stake my claim on mile 25 if it’s available. It starts on Beacon Street right in front of my alma mater the Art Institute of Boston.

    • theredmenaceeats

      You may, as it looks like only Nandi has made her claim. The only rules were that the last 2 tenths of a mile are off limits.

  3. So exciting!!! And nerve wracking at the same time. I noticed the lamp post signs today for the first time. They are so inspiring! I am 24739. Maybe I can sneak into your corral to say hi 🙂

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