Running and Running and Running…

My apologies for the unexpected blog hiatus – I didn’t at all intend to stop posting for a week! I think my training is catching up with me a bit, sapping the energy to both write and try new foods, recipes, and restaurants. Luckily I’ve got a few things lined up for this week, so I should be back on track!

In the meantime, despite being exhausting, the marathon training is going really well. Kelly and I have been completing our mid-week runs before work, providing at least a smidgen more time in the day as well as some truly amazing views of the city as we cross the Longfellow Bridge! We are blessed with a shower on the fourth floor of the office to make this all possible.

In order to adequately prepare for Heartbreak Hill, most of these training runs have been from Broadway through Union Square in Somerville, allowing us to do a series of very serious hills before the gentle downslope into Kendall Square and the relative flatness of Boston proper. It’s a bit like doing the marathon backwards, since the course is largely downhill until the hills of Newton, but it’s still a good workout! Winter Hill is my biggest challenge each morning – it rises 120 feet as opposed to Heartbreak’s more modest 88 and it is sneaky, climbing gradually enough that you wonder why on earth you’re so out of breath. If that monster doesn’t prepare us for the marathon, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of running crazy hills, I just read an amazing book that I’m going to heartily recommend to all of my running friends, as well as anyone who just likes a well-told true story. Born to Run is a hell of a book – partly the tale of the Tarahumara an indigenous tribe in Mexico who routinely run insane distances, partly of a race between the Tarahumara and some of the top ultra-marathoners in the world, and partly a lesson in evolution and running shoe sales, the book begins with simple question on the part of author Christopher McDougall – “Why does my foot hurt?” There’s death and madness and true friendship, a guy named Barefoot Ted and a man named Horse – all extremely well-written and fun. I finished it in two days and have been regaling anyone who will listen about all the fun facts I’ve learned. If you read it let me know what you think!


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