Chocolate Cream Adventures

I’ve been thinking a lot about chocolate cream pie lately, and would like to convince all of you to, as well! But before I do that, have any of you visited Travel, Eat, Love today? Guess who’s the Featured Friday Foodie this week!

Ok, it probably wasn’t too hard to guess. I want to thank Meghan for the chance to yak about myself on her blog. And if you’re coming over here from over there, thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

In the picture of me on Meghan’s blog you can see that I am hilariously about to take a huge bite out of a pumpkin pie, a strange pictorial tradition that my sister Kate and I started for no real reason other than that it amuses us. If you check out my Flickr page you can find scores of pictures of her and me, pretending to lick baked goods. I didn’t say it was a clever joke, but it’s a thing. I bring it up now because that picture is from the housewarming party of Mr. Menace and myself, the theme of which was wine and pie, and while sadly none of them are in that particular picture, it was for that very party that I made my first ever chocolate cream pie.
Chocolate Cream Pie

To be honest, pudding’s not my all-time favorite food, and so I’d never really bothered before. Besides, how interesting can a one-crust, no bake pie really be? But Mr. Menace is a big fan of this pie, and requested it specifically. How could I refuse him? He’s not usually a sweets fanatic, so I know when he asks for something that it must be very special indeed.

And it turns out that chocolate cream pie, while still not my favorite pie to eat (it’s ok, but it just can’t compete with my precious, precious apple), might be my all time favorite pie to make, because making pudding from scratch is ridiculously fun.

I sense your skepticism. Perhaps you’re thinking of things that are considerably more fun than making pudding, and I understand. We all take our joy where we can find it. But for me, watching sugar, eggs, milk and chocolate come together from disparate ingredients into a cohesive whole is magical – particularly when you go from this:
where the chocolate just won’t blend into the rest of it and you think you’re going to have a weird, gritty failure, to this:
Smooth, creamy, and making a total mess out of your stove! Amazing!

Since that party I’ve made the pie on occasion, usually for Thanksgiving or by request for an event. Two weeks ago, however, I was suddenly struck by the urge to make one for no real reason other than the thrill of pie baking.

That pie was something of a departure, because I usually use bittersweet chocolate, but having run out, threw in semisweet chips instead. They melted like a dream and the resulting pie, while shockingly sweet, was actually quite good. Slathered in homemade whipped cream and wrapped into a flaky crust, it was the perfect sort of sugarbomb treat for a chilly winter afternoon.

The semisweet chips have me pondering other alternations I could make to the recipe – almond extract instead of vanilla? Perhaps a Mexican chocolate variation? What effect would different levels of cacao have? I have a feeling that our chocolate cream adventures are only beginning!


5 responses to “Chocolate Cream Adventures

  1. But…but…where’s the recipe? Pictures like that without a recipe are downright cruel!

  2. Do this one?

    Chocolate AND vegetables. Seriously though…I know I’m too far away to get to try it, but you know I don’t bake and someone ought to investigate 🙂

  3. ooooh nandi! i never was too keen on the idea of cream pies either, but had a piece of banana cream pie about a year ago from this place in rochester called elite bakery — it was DIVINE!!! but then again, i contend that anything involving homemade whipped cream can make my heart sing!!!

    • theredmenaceeats

      I made it again last night for a dinner party and you’re absolutely right, I would totally just eat the whipped cream and be delighted!

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