Last week, as you all know, I participated in a trivia night with the other staff members of Boston Partners in Education who are on the marathon team. We put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, getting everything donated, from the space given to us by Crossroads, to the wonderful prizes from Flour, Capital Grille, and PICCO, to the hard work of our amazing trivia masters, Mr. Menace and Gary Spezzafero! I’m pleased to announce that all of that hard work paid off amply – we raised $765 for Boston Partners in Education! That’s $191.25 for each of us to put toward our fundraising goals – not too shabby.

For me, it means something even more exciting – I’ve hit my original fundraising target of $4,000! To be honest it feels a little bit unreal. While I had every confidence that I would reach that goal, I wasn’t expecting to do it with two months left before the marathon. There’s a huge sense of satisfaction and relief at accomplishing this! And yet…

Well, you see that word original up there, so I’ll bet you can guess what’s going through my mind. Two months away is certainly no time to give up on the fundraising. So let’s see just how far we can take this thing. Can I get to $4,500? $5,000?! To that end, I’m going to continue to hold my raffles and update this blog with the weekly training updates straight on through April 19. If you are one of the wonderful people who’s already donated, or come to an event, or god love the many of you who’ve done this, BOTH, then, hey, we did it! If you haven’t, and think you might like to, there’s still plenty of time.

Speaking of which, don’t forget that February’s raffle is for cookies! Your choice of chocolate chip, ginger molasses, brownies or lemon squares. Special requests will most likely be granted. Tickets are $1 each, $5 for 6 just as always, and you can buy them here.

Thank you again for all of the support!


One response to “Goals

  1. It was an awesome event and a great team effort! I hope everyone that reads this post will continue to donate.

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