A Pirate’s Life For Me!

Ok, I’m not really a pirate. But I felt a bit like one on my long run this week.

This week we were actually meant to run 15 miles, and this time I was able to do it with my stalwart companions: Nandi, Jess, and Kelly. Todd was supposed to accompany us, but due to a late start and a failed meeting (for which the only logical explanation is that either he or we fell through a wormhole, but we’re unsure which) he did not manage to join our merry crew. Nandi planned a terrific route, one that took us from Simmons down the Charles to the Fresh Pond Reservoir and back. It was a great run, but chock-full of weirdness, from our inability to meet Todd to the VERY unpleasant man who told us to “Run that fat off” on the Mass Avenue bridge. Never in my life have I more wanted to dump someone into the drink.

It was also very, very cold, which might explain the strange sensation from which I take today’s post title. About 5 miles into the run, my right leg went…dead. It just sort of became numb, as though it were made of wood. I could continue running just fine, but it was quite annoying to have this wooden leg. It lasted for quite some time, at least another 5 miles. After that I was in some sort of other zone altogether where neither of my legs felt entirely real, but at least they were even again.

Despite these odd feelings, we finished the run in decent time and in good spirits. In any run of this length there are points in which my brain has little arguments with itself, in which I am tired and have legs of wood and the asthma kicks in and feels like I’m breathing through a straw, and the whiny brain wants to just give up and stop running. The other part of my brain, however, the luckily more dominant side, is the tenacious part (or stubborn, if you are feeling less charitable.) The part that will not allow me to stop, simply because this is what I’ve set out to do, today. I think all of my teammates are blessed with a similar sort of brain. Not only did we finish 15 miles, we all rushed off to do other things after – I had to grocery shop, Nandi was going to see a favorite comedienne, Jess was going out dancing, for goodness sakes! This marathon business can take up a lot of time and energy, so I think I’m most proud of being able to keep having a life on top of it. Even if it is the life of a pirate, with a little wooden leg.


2 responses to “A Pirate’s Life For Me!

  1. great post, nandi! that boob on the bridge deserved to walk the plank!

  2. theredmenaceeats

    Thanks, Nandi! He certainly did – possibly even to be keel hauled!

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