Week 8 – I’ve Got The Power!

Power Yoga, that is! As of last week’s training, I think I’ve found my ultimate cross-training, thanks to my dear friend Nandi. Power Yoga is done in a room heated to 90°, the idea being that the warmth loosens muscles and makes them easier to stretch, as well as causing the practitioner to sweat buckets and thus theoretically cleanse themselves from the inside. Participants go through a series of poses at a fairly intense pace for about an hour and a half, so it’s a fairly vigorous workout as far as yoga goes and works a variety of muscles. I hated it – hated being hot and sweating so much, hated feeling like I couldn’t achieve poses, hated the strange moans coming from some of my fellow practitioners. And yet, when it was all finished, I felt that wonderful peace that comes from working your body really hard and living through it, and that is enough to make me go back.

In addition, cross-training is the one thing I’ve been struggling with a bit as I get ready for the marathon. I never know what to do with myself. Since some people have asked, cross-training refers to using different types of exercise to condition the entire body and use your muscles in a different way. The idea is that it will prevent the mental and physical burn-out associated with performing the same actions every day. In addition it allows you to work entirely different muscles that might be neglected in the course of your regular training. Since running requires a strong core for good form, especially for hills, and since yoga has a lot of core exercises, such as planks, I think this will be a good fit for me.

As we begin week 9 we’ve run 139 miles so far. My long run of 11 miles was completed with 4 lovely ladies from my team, including Nandi, Kelly and Jess of blogging fame. Nandi came up with a great route that sent us from the Fenway over the Mass Ave bridge into Cambridge, mostly along the Charles. We had fantastic weather for it and while there were a few icy patches, it was over all a really pleasant and beautiful run. Thanks to all of you for making the time fly!

So far I’ve raised $1,869 – just under halfway to my goal of $4,000! We’re planning a trivia night with some of the office runners, so be on the look out for the details on that, and I’d like to announce another pie raffle! I’ll be doing one per month until the marathon is over. Remember: $1 gets you one ticket, $5 gets you six! Tickets can be purchased on my FirstGiving page – just put “January Raffle” in the comments.

Thanks as always for all of your support!


2 responses to “Week 8 – I’ve Got The Power!

  1. your description of the moaning classmates = dead on. and outrageously funny!

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