These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Today’s post is inspired by the always awesome M of Travel, Eat, Love, who recently wrote a post about things she’s loving right now (she also just moved her blog over to her very own domain! Go check it out!). It made me think about some of my favorite food items and places, and given that it’s the end of year, a traditional time for lists and wrap-ups, I figured I’d steal her idea write my own list! Keep in mind that this is ever-changing; it’s just a sample of what I’m enjoying at the moment.

Favorite snack: Lately I’ve been mixing either almonds or walnuts with dried cranberries. Properly measured out this is a pretty low-calorie, high-protein snack, it transports easily, and it tastes amazing. The almonds in particular are elevated by the cranberries – their sweetness really brings out the almonds’ perfume.

Favorite “alone” food: Oatmeal with sauteed kidney beans and tomatoes. It’s totally hideous to look at, but throw a little blue cheese on top and you’ve got this intense umami bomb topping soft, bland oatmeal, a contrast that is oddly and wonderfully pleasing.

Favorite bar for the drinks:This one’s a little obvious, I realize, but it’s Drink. I’m quite enamored of the vintage barware, fresh ingredients, and perfectly balanced cocktails. I tend to think of Drink as the place to try new cocktails – since I know they will be done in their purest and most correct forms I can judge them on their true merits.

Favorite fancy eating establishment: Let it first be said that I’m not a huge fan of the name, but T.W. Food is my go-to spot for a splurge. Every time I’ve eaten there I’ve received a perfect marriage of gorgeous presentation, fresh local ingredients, and truly transcendent food. Their teeny-tiny location tucked away on Walden Street, rather than being a deterrent, makes T.W.Food seem special and private. Now that I see they’re offering a $39 prix fixe they are also not so extravagant as to be out of reach!

Favorite bar menu: This was the hardest self-imposed category; I’m a bar-menu lover in general, as I think it’s the best way to experience a nice restaurant in a more casual and cost-efficient manner. Right now, for the way it exemplifies in miniature the rest of the menu, I’m going to have to say it’s Craigie on Main. A factor may be that it’s winter, and I can think of nothing more glorious than a plate of crispy pig’s tails and a nice red wine as a way to enjoy a cold evening.

Favorite home-cooked food: This is ever-changing, but I think right now it’s the turkey stock that we made from the Thanksgiving leftovers. I’ve glazed vegetables with it, made a terrific pot-pie, and the other night used it in beef stew!
Beef Stew
I know, you’re thinking, “wouldn’t you use beef stock in beef stew?” but the fact is that this stock is so meaty and rich that it didn’t matter that it was poultry-based. This came of literally hours of simmering and really quality ingredients going into it.

So, let me put the question to all of you: What are you loving right now?


3 responses to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Oatmeal with kidney beans and tomatoes sounds interesting, and like a great fuel for running! Drink is definitely my favorite bar for drinks with Eastern Standard not too far behind. Only Drink could take my love of spicy food and turn it into a drink for me!

  2. Right now? I’m loving some of your cookies and fudge. I couldn’t resist and bought 4 bags of your goodies yesterday. Not a good breakfast for a fat boy, but I had a craving for some and couldn’t find the willpower to avoid them. Looks like I’ll have a lot of walking to add to my schedule.
    My favorite snack right now (besides these cookies & fudge) is actually fruit. I am a short walk down the Minuteman Bikeway from a Trader Joe’s and I’ve gotten into the habit of going for a walk there with a canvas bag and picking up some fruit. Then I usually snack on an apple on the walk back home. I really love all types of fruit, but lately it’s been mostly apples and strawberries.
    I don’t have any strong opinions on the bar & dining out options because I rarely drink and when I do it’s usually only Guinness or Glenfiddich (preferably the 18 year old) so I don’t have a favorite bar.
    I also don’t really eat out at any really nice restaurants except on rare occasions. Right now I’m frequenting Fusion Taste restaurant in downtown Arlington. They do a nice Peppery Crispy Calamari that’s done just how I like it. They have some nice bento box options too. I don’t like how they do their crab rangoons though, which is good since they’re oh so bad for me.
    My favorite home cooked food is Impossible Pies which I don’t make as often as I should. Basically it’s a Bisquick mix poured over anything you want (the options are endless) which bakes a nice crust around it all. I usually do the Impossible Taco Pie and dump lots of Tabasco sauce on it.,1-0,bisquick_impossible_pies,FF.html

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