We Have a Winner!

I’ve decided that henceforth, from now until April 19th, Sunday posts will be devoted to training updates.  Apologies to those who prefer food to running, but fear not!  I will try to keep a food element in these posts, whether it’s training nutrition or the winner of the pie raffle.

Oh, hey, we have a pie raffle winner to announce today!  What a coincidence.  The winner of the November raffle is:
Ticket number 340027: Jessica Baker!

No, I’m not kidding, that is really her last name, and she is both a co-worker and a member of my marathon team! Visit her blog! Congratulations, Jess – just let me know what kind of pie you want!

So, week one of official training is completed – 12 miles down from the 576.2 that I’m traveling to the finish line.  Since I’ve trained for half marathons before this week was pretty light.  I made it more difficult on myself by running with my gigantic trail backpack, which I fully believe played a part in increasing my speed in my second half marathon.  (For those of you who don’t know, I’ve run two.  I’m quite slow, but did manage to improve my time by 8 minutes the second time around!)

We had our first coalition run on Saturday – the Boston Partners in Education team shares a coach with four other teams.  Our coach has run an impressive number of marathons and coached literally thousands of people through Boston, so this should be fruitful.  This first group run was just four miles – from Back Bay over the Mass Ave bridge and back.  It was a gorgeous day for a run, and the group dynamic was a lot of fun, not to mention providing a show of strength at street crossings and the like.  I won’t be able to make every coalition run due to some other Saturday commitments, but I do intend to be at as many of them as I can squeeze in.

On the fundraising front I am up to $802 – 20% of goal!  This is thanks to the wonderful donations of family and friends, as well as the crazy number of raffle tickets and baked goods sold at the Museum of Toys and Pop Culture‘s Nightmare Before Christmas event. (The exhibit is up until mid-February and is only $3 – go see it!)    Check out the super-cute cupcakes that my guy and I made for the opening:

The Jacks were golden cake, the pumpkins were, appropriately enough, pumpkin flavored! Both were frosted with vanilla buttercream. I also sold chocolate chip cookies, my go-to, no-brainer baked good. Thank you so much to Comicazi and MOTAP for giving me the opportunity to raise money at your event – you guys are my heroes! Support your local businesses, folks – this whole mission is about community and these guys have been big proponents of it for almost ten years!

Here’s hoping the next 21 weeks of training will be as good as week one! Thanks again to all of you for your encouragement and support!


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