One Vote

That’s it. The great battle to name my bourbon-spiced syrup-bitters cocktail came down to the difference of one person. And the winner is:
Demeter’s Lament – Michael Burke

Thank you for coming up with such an evocative and heroic name, Michael!

Your prize is the homemade baked good of your choice, as well as one Demeter’s Lament or other comparable cocktail! Please email me for the details of your prize.

The runner-up, Bitter Hag, will be made into its own cocktail, as the name is clearly too good to let go. Kelly McGrath, you will receive a tiki pen and the cocktail of your choice. Email me to collect your prize!

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic names, and please keep an eye out for recipes for the Bitter Hag, Bittersweet, and Edgar Allen Pomme in the coming weeks!


2 responses to “One Vote

  1. Thanks FQOC! It was a fun contest and worthy opponent. I look forward to trying the cocktail!! 🙂
    I have no idea what baked good I would like. Sheesh! The pressure! Naming the cocktail was less harrowing!

    Can I get back to you?

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