Nearly a Decision…

My apologies for not posting this sooner – the weekend got away from me a bit!

Last week, I invented a cocktail, and asked all of you to help me name it – and your responses blew me away. They were creative, funny, and fitting; truly interesting and each worthy in their own way of being a drink. Some of them have even inspired me to create other drinks just for them! Unfortunately, that’s left me with the monumental task of choosing one, and only one, for this particular cocktail.

After much deliberation and consultation with various sources, I narrowed it down to two choices.

You’ll notice I wrote TWO choices there. While math is not my forte, I’m certainly not that bad. I just really, truly couldn’t decide between these two terrific handles.

So once again, I’m asking for your help, loyal readers. Note that each of these folks will receive a prize just for making it this far – but only one will be associated with this noble beverage.

Please vote for your favorite! The poll will close this Friday, October 30 and we’ll have a name by Halloween. Advocating for your choice is allowed in the comments, but please keep it civil.

A few other notes:

The name Bittersweet almost made it into this poll, but I decided was actually an alternative version of this drink, replacing the Punt e Mes with Aperol for its brilliant orange hue. As soon as I purchase some Aperol I will experiment and publish some photos. Kate and the McTegos will also receive a runner’s up prize.

The Edgar Allan Pomme, while not appropriate for this drink, will be its own cocktail. Look for that recipe in 2-3 weeks!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed a name to this contest of mine. I’m really grateful that you’re all reading this blog and playing along with my games!

Finally, I haven’t forgotten the results of my last poll – broccoli was the big winner! (Or loser, depending on how you view it.) A recipe to help you learn to love that much-maligned vegetable is coming this week!


2 responses to “Nearly a Decision…

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  2. A contest within a contest…..way to prolong the suspense McGrath! 🙂

    Since you say its OK to advocate your choice, I shall civilly advocate mine. First let me say thanks for considering my selection and allowing me to get this far.

    OK. Now I think Bitter Hag is a FANTASTIC name for a drink. Its really great. I just don’t feel that the name encompasses the entirety of your cocktail as you’ve described it. Your drink is not just bitter but also sweet. It is only focusing on one aspect

    I petition – obviously, duh! – for Demeter’s Lament here in that it strikes many chords. There’s a literary aspect of course. If you consider mythology literature, that is. 🙂 Demeter’s great lament over losing her daughter for six months to the Lord of Hades is the whole reason for autumn. I feel its perfect! There’s a bittersweet draw inherent in the name.
    And I keep thinking of the trail of pomegranate seeds that were left in the old tale and how sweet those are coupled with the bitterness of the situation.
    And, of course, the smacking of one’s lips when they try this concoction and roll it around in their mouth, finally swallowing it and lamenting the fact that they haven’t tried this sooner and that they’re going to want another one when they know they probably shouldn’t. 🙂

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