I Heart Chicken Livers

Fridays are my night to eat whatever I want.   I’m usually on my own due to my guy’s long-standing commitment, so I feel no qualms about wanting stuff that’s weird or gross.  Some Fridays I just have popcorn for dinner, or a cheese plate.  On others I get together with friends and eat out or make an elaborate meal.  But some nights, like tonight, I make chicken liver.

Oddly, even as that picky kid who wouldn’t even eat cheese on her mac, I have always enjoyed liver.  Our family was large by today’s standards (4 kids) and my mom would cook a lot of turkey.  One of my favorite treats was when she would determine that the turkey liver was done – out of the oven it would come, piping hot, to be divided between my father and I (and later my youngest sister).  Salted, still steaming, it was somehow divine, meaty yet a little sweet and so tender.

Later I discovered magic of chicken livers wrapped in bacon, or as my mother’s very 70’s cookbook called it, rumaki. It may not have been authentically Polynesian, but it was decadently good, improving on the salt by adding crispness and smokiness.

Tonight, however, I made my new favorite recipe for chicken liver – Stolen Garlic Chicken Livers. The recipe is ridiculously easy and sounds like it can’t possibly work, but it does, oh, how it does.  The livers are melty-tender and the sharpness of the garlic cuts their richness beautifully.  I served them with side of tomatoes from my garden tossed with feta cheese, and it was a perfect dinner for one.  What do you like to eat when you’re alone?


7 responses to “I Heart Chicken Livers

  1. My dad always makes a chicken liver spread at Christmas. It’s the only time I eat it…

  2. You need to start inviting me to these. I love liver.

    Brits do seem to have a penchant for organs 😀

  3. Oh, you’ve got to read this post from Mike and Emily’s old blog, The Weirdo Betty Crocker Recipe Project. Scroll down to the second part, “Man Pleasing Appetizers,” if you want to laugh at our attempt to enjoy Rumaki.


    • Oh my god, this is genius. I just bought (by which I mean, got for free) a cookbook at the flea market entitled “She Cooks to Conquer” that is all ABOUT cooking to please the menfolk. I plan to share it with the group, but I think I am also in love with Mike and Emily’s old blog!

      • I know, it’s a great idea! I hope they pick it up again. Can’t wait to read about your flea market find.

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