Dragon Fruit

As I mentioned in my Adventures post, I procured a dragon fruit from the always exciting Super 88 Market in Allston.  You can click the link for all of the details, but essentially this is the bright-pink fruit of a cactus, originally native to Mexico and Central and South America, but popular in Asia.    It’s a beautiful fruit, all spiny and pink outside, with a white, edible center dotted with tiny, crunchy black seeds.  I’d post a picture of the one I ate, but my camera is on the fritz.  This is the cause of much sadness.

I did a bit of preliminary research to figure out how to eat the thing, but it was pretty much what I could have guessed.  The pretty but tough skin is inedible.  You just slice it in half, scoop out the white flesh, and go to town.

The flavor was very delicate.  Like a watermelon, it was variable in taste, with some parts being very sweet, while others were just sort of watery and juicy.  The seeds had a contrasting crunch that made it a bit more exciting, but overall, while tasty, it didn’t blow me away the way my first kiwi or really good strawberry did.  Dragon fruit would probably be best as an addition to a fruit salad – it looks little enough like any other fruit I’ve eaten to add novelty.


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