I started this blog to keep track of the fun, food-related stuff I’ve been up to.  In addition to being a big fan of eating new and unusual things, I love a good kitchen project.  Making my own butter, cheese, and bread totally from scratch has been very rewarding, and I’d like to have a record of these and other experiments.  I also have several area restaurants that I’m looking to check out, ranging from super-fancy to hot dog stands.

So in this post I just want to make a list of upcoming or hoped for adventures, most of which I’m hoping to document here!  I’m breaking them down by new food, outing (restaurants or otherwise), or project.  Naturally this isn’t a totally comprehensive list, just what’s on my mind at present.


Grasshoppers – this one is actually happening in September!

Dragon Fruit – also soon, I bought one at Super 88

Durian – I’m scared, but fascinated

Sweet breads


Huitlacoche – might be able to do with the grasshoppers

Cactus – ditto


Sushi, possibly at Fugakyu? – I know, not very exciting, and I’ve eaten it lots of times, but I have a friend who is not a bold eater who wants to go.

Starlight Lounge – excited for this to open!

No. 9 Park – probably won’t happen for a while…

Garden at the Cellar

Eastern Standard


Ten Tables – Cambridge or JP, I haven’t been to either!

Kimballs – grew up near here, but want to take some friends who are uninitiated

The Big E – my favorite yearly food adventure!

Speed’s – the best hot dog in Boston, so they say…

Underground Food Party/Supper Club – may have a chance to go to one of these soon…


Pasta making – a friend gave me the means ages ago, I need to just DO it.

Sausage making

Curing bacon

Hard cheese – mozzarella, only the first step?


Beer – used to do it, want to get back into it

In the comments,  I’d love ideas for other adventures!  And if you know me, let me know if you’d like to join in!


14 responses to “Adventures

  1. All looks yummy 😀

    I would say got to Tango in Arlington for some great sweet breads.

    Also, Blue Fin in Porter Exchange is great for the sushi novice. I tastes really great, has many other non-sushi choices just in case… oh yeah, and it is not a total mob scene.


  2. theredmenaceeats

    Thanks, Scifinds! I was considering Blue Fin also for our mutual friend’s inaugural sushi adventure – the only reason I was thinking Fugakyu is that I still haven’t been there. 🙂

    I had no idea that Tango did sweetbreads, and it’s another place I’d like to try anyway! Good deal.

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  4. Garden at the Cellar is my favorite!!!

  5. LOVE this blog! My mom is working the ENTIRE Big E….let me know when you are going down!!

    (Oh, and I think Fugyaku is good for the inaugural sushi outing…perhaps ambiance can help, and I DO love their sushi!)

    Where/what is Starlight Lounge?

    And I’d also like in on Ten Tables!!

    • theredmenaceeats

      Thanks, Jenn! I will let you know when we are going to the Big E.

      Starlight Lounge – where the Abbey used to be. It’s going to be a restaurant run by one of the guys from Highland Kitchen and his wife. I’m curious to see how it goes.

  6. Durian = Cold, sticky scrambled eggs with a sweet muskiness. Not on my list of faves, for sure, but worth trying once just to cross it off your list.

    • theredmenaceeats

      That’s pretty much my reasoning. Just to KNOW. I’m so baffled that people describe the odor as all sorts of horrible things, but then call it the king of fruits. I guess I just want to be in the club.

  7. If you see napoles (cactus pads) for sale anywhere, TELL ME! I’m from the desert. This is my food, and I only find them sporadically. And if you want any tricks for making them, let me know. Although when we were at Y Tu Yo recently they had many dishes on the menu – go soon before the season is over and they replace their offerings.

    • A group of us is going this evening! I’m tremendously excited and will let you know what I think. Have you been to the Latin or Brazilian markets in Somerville? I feel like that’s the place for the cactus – although dragon fruit is another cactus product and that is at the Super 88…

      • I don’t know where any Latin markets are over on that side of the river, and all the ones I hit on this side didn’t have any when I checked. Even Russo’s didn’t have them, and they usually do. But I never thought to try Super 88, since Asian flavors are at the bottom of my “try me” list, but you’re right that they might.

      • theredmenaceeats

        Most of them are over by Union Square. But yes, the Super 88 has lots of non-Asian food as well. Good luck!

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